Hey there! I'm so excited to help you capture all the festive events during your upcoming Wedding day! 

Every single wedding I have the opportunity to capture means the world to me and I can't wait to get to know you.

I'll work super hard to make sure you have a stunning wedding gallery that brings back every second of your wedding day. And you can share these everywhere!

In preparation for the big day, we will meet two to three times to discuss all the details! (Some brides like to create a mood-board and share them with me)

Together we will craft the perfect timeline to make sure you have some time for us to do separate shots away from the activities.


During every moment of your day, I will be there to capture each and every special moment you share with your guests and each other as a bride and groom.


Here is an overview of what you can expect from me during your Big day and some tips of how you can prepare:


Pre-wedding shoots are a great idea if you're feeling really nervous about getting your photos taken.

I will send you a guide to help you choose the location for the engagement photo session and some tips to prepare you for our shoot together.

If your wedding collection does not include one, please make sure to send me a message and I would love to send you all the info.


It's wedding day! We've worked closely together over the last few months to make sure your day and photography timeline is exactly how you've always dreamed.


I will show up a little early in the morning at either the bride or groom's getting ready location and I will gather up all your details to photograph them.

For brides, this is dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, fragrance, rings, invitation, and flowers. For grooms, this can be the suit, tie, shoes, cuff links, bow tie, and boutonniere.

( I have more information about wedding details you can't forget to pack the day before your big day available in my blog)


After I'm done with the bridal details, I will start to shoot candids of the bride and bridesmaids getting makeup and hair done, and the groom and groomsmen hanging out.

I always recommend my brides try to choose a large space to get dressed in.

If you are getting ready at a hotel, some of them offer a separate room to get into your dress.

And then you're in the perfect space for everyone to come to see you in your dress for the first time. (Usually first looks with bridesmaids and parents)


¿Are you doing one?

This is truly a magical moment. I will try to be discrete and as far away as possible, but we will still be around and capture the whole thing.

If you’re having a ceremony earlier in the day, a first look will mean you have to be ready even earlier than you’d planned so allow some extra time. After your first look, I like to start with a family portrait session. It's preferred to start with them in case there are elderly that may not be able to stand up for as long as the rest of the bridal party. Once we take care of the family we move to the bridal party portrait session. Here we do the fun poses along with moving to different spots to get a nice variety of shots. Once all of those are taken care then we like spending as much time as possible to capture all those intimates bride and groom moments between you two. (This is one of my favorite times of the wedding day)


In the ceremony, I aim to capture those beautiful moments and expressions, not only between the bride and groom but also from the guests. From crying in the aisle to celebrations and congratulations, all those moments that you want to remember forever.

Every couple wants to relive the moment they walk down the aisle. However, sometimes the view gets obstructed by guests photographing and recording while you walk. This can be easily avoided by speaking to your guests and asking them to remain from using their cellphones and just enjoy the moment with you, we will take care of all the pictures and videos! You can then have the spotlight and those

beautiful moments with your husband-to-be.


If you opted to not have a first look, this is the perfect time to start the portrait session. If your wedding ceremony took place

at a church we can pick a beautiful location before your wedding venue, or we use the outdoors and indoor area of the beautiful hall you picked. I found most brides get stressed gathering people for these portraits, but not to worry, I have developed a master structure for family and group shots.

Aside from shooting all your candids, couples hire me for my ability and experience with large wedding groups. Of course, everyone's family is different and prior to your big day, I will make sure to go over your family list to make sure we don't miss anyone. Usually, each image can take a few minutes, so with great planning it can flow perfectly and get all the portraits you want. You could also mention to your close family and friends, before your day, that they will be needed for photos at this time.


All about bride and groom! Golden hour is my favorite time to capture those stunning couple photos. This is around an hour before the sunset and is worth heading back out for. To do these I tend to pinch you for ten minutes to get some stunning shots. Definitely worth it! And even if the sun hasn't been shining the light is always amazing and soft at this time for portraits. The best photos are always those natural shots where you are engaging with each other and not the camera. So don't worry you won't be staring into the camera all day. My best advice is to ignore me! Pretend I'm not there and enjoy the moment together.

As far as location, I can look for a place to do the shoot, which could be inside or outside, depending on your venue and the location you are hosting your ceremony at. If you know about a spot between your church and your venue you'd love for photos, please let me know. Remember these are the photos you'll treasure forever so make the most of them.

I always like to talk to my clients about the weather, you can't predict it! EMBRACE IT!!! Whether it's sunny, wet, or windy, it's your wedding day and you're going to love it. So my only advice is to embrace it. You won't regret it and we'll have such a laugh.


I will drop you at the cocktail hour and let you enjoy and greet your guest, this is my time to take all decor and venue shots.

At the reception I will let everything unfold naturally so you can enjoy your party, speeches, dances, toasts etc.




I will drop you at the cocktail hour and let you enjoy and greet your guest, this is my time to take all decor and venue shots.

At the reception I will let everything unfold naturally so you can enjoy your party, speeches, dances, toasts etc.

At the end of the night I might ask you to step aside for a minute for night shots. (Trust me, couples LOVE to see their wedding gallery end with these images).

Extra tip

Try not to stress too much! I know you have a lot to think about but try not to live and breathe wedding plans 24/7, give yourself regular breaks from planning to make your process more enjoyable.

Remember these tips are just a guide and the most important thing is that you have fun!

I'm sure you can't wait for Your Big Day to arrive and neither can I!

Wishing you all the best with your preparations. If you have any questions or would like to chat about anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Til our next meeting!


-Oscar + Loance